2DRemix Devblog 2: Saving and image editing

Restored the ability to save changes, and create new images for tiles. Both of these were removed in a recent refactor, and in putting them back I took the time to improve on the user experience around them by taking advantage of some newer UI changes.

Instead of automatically saving every time a tile is placed, you now save manually with a button next to the “play” controls. This gives you more control over the process, and should cut down on server load. I also added the obligatory warning when leaving the page with unsaved changes.

Image editing now takes the form of a new item on the item bar, which allows you to click on any existing tile and open the editor to change its image. This will hopefully be more intuitive than the old approach of having a button in the sidebar, since if you’re already familiar with using the pencil tool, this builds on that experience, allowing you to edit images in the same way.

In addition, I replaced the floating dialog for the image editor with a full screen modal that covers the game area. This way, you needn’t worry about accidentally interacting with the game map while editing images.

Demo Video

Tobias Cohen

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