2DRemix Devblog 4: Minimap, rewinding, and area management

1. Minimap

New editor feature: added a minimap to the corner of the editor showing an overview of the entire area, and making it easy to jump to a specific part of the map.

2. Rewinding

Restored the old behavior of allowing the player to rewind time while playing. I moved this from the “Shift” keyboard key binding to a new “Time machine” item in the item bar, making it more clear to players that this functionality is available.

On the engine side, I now store only a list of changes from one frame to the next, instead of a complete copy of the game state. This change list takes up a smaller amount of memory, and can easily be replayed to restore the game to an earlier state.

3. Manage multiple areas

Added a dialog to the editor which allows you to create multiple areas and switch between them, as well as rename and delete your areas. This is an important piece of flexibility to have available before launching the closed beta.

Demo Video

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