The one place where visual coding is conspicuously absent

“Why does this have to be so hard?” - it’s a phrase that every web developer has most likely uttered at some point in their career. It seems that after decades of advancement in software development, it still isn’t getting any easier. Maybe this is just the way it has to be? Back in the ‘90s, there was a real trend for tools that enabled software development without “coding” - all-in-one databases like Access, form builders, and rapid application development environments. read more

Why tabs are better than spaces

Before I present my argument for using hard tabs in code, it’s really important that I make another related argument first, so bear with me as you consider the following statement: Aligning code is bad practice, and should be avoided. Only indentation should be used to arrange code horizontally. The problem with aligning code Why would I say this? First, let’s look at a common usage of alignment, along with its indented counterpart: read more